Get Involved

There are a ton of ways to get involved with our space! Drop by during our open hours to see what’s going on or even work on a project of your own; our Peer Instructors are always glad to help you out! If you’re interested in our upcoming workshops and events, feel free check out our calendar and join our mailing list.


If you have any other questions, we’d love to hear them in-person or over email!

The Hive is the nation’s largest electronics-oriented makerspace. We’re dedicated to removing barriers to making so that students can enjoy the fun of building projects and learning new skills. We’re open to any and all Georgia Tech students – just walk right in during our open hours and get started by talking to one of our Peer Instructors!

The Hive open hours and days are usually updated in advance of each semester in numerous locations, including at the bottom of this webpage.

For reference, we usually open ~3rd week of the semester and close a week before finals to ensure that our new PIs are trained before opening and to allow our student volunteers to concentrate on finals.
The Hive usually chooses open hours that coincide with the typical school day.

No, our PIs will gladly help you learn to use unfamiliar tools. Note that you must have a Buzzcard to sign into the space.
The Hive has a large inventory of items from spray cans to op amps, so if you’re looking for something common, we’ll probably have it.

If you are looking for a specific part, the best way to know is just to ask at the front desk! While scrap materials and small components are free to take, we do require that more important equipment and items be checked out and returned to the Hive.
Yep! Our 3D printers are available to students during our open hours, free of charge- just come in with your file prepared (preferable .stl) and our PIs will help you out.
While the Hive does not have the resources to fabricate a PCB for you, we do have a system set up that will allow you to learn to fabricate PCBs on your own using our equipment. Once you complete the online training and the in-person checkoff, you’d be able to come in during open hours to use the fabrication machines. For more information, check here: PCB-training

Peer Instructors (PIs) are our student volunteers dedicated to staffing the space. Our PIs are trained to operate our machines and are dedicated to helping other students out! PIs have a wide range of majors, expertise, and backgrounds, so don’t hesitate to ask them for help.

We’re glad you’re interested in becoming a PI! Since PIs are a large part of the day to day of the Hive and are given special privileges, we place a lot of trust in our PIs and have a thorough application and training process for hiring new PIs. While there are no technical requirements to becoming a PI other than being a student at Georgia Tech, the Hive hopes every PI hired is passionate and committed to helping others become makers.

The PI application is usually open for a few weeks before the end of the spring and fall semesters and is advertised via our mailing list. The application is also broadcast through other channels such as department mailing lists, so keep an eye out if you’re interested.

If you’d like to store a project at the Hive, we’ll provide you with a locker and lock which can be checked out via our front desk in 2 week intervals. Hive-sponsored projects can be stored at the Hive, but must be planned with the IDC Director, Kevin Pham.

General users are only allowed to be inside of the space during open hours. 24/7 access is a privilege granted to PIs for their time and dedication to the space.

Yes! The Hive loves hosting events and working with student orgs and companies to create memorable experiences and connections for students. If you’d like to host an event with us or collaborate with us in another capacity, please contact the IDC Director, Kevin Pham.

The Hive is a completely separate entity from the Invention Studio. While both are makerspaces at Georgia Tech, the Hive specializes in Electrical and Computer Engineering, while the Invention Studio is specializes in Mechanical Engineering.